Wrath Of The Titans 30 march 2012 Review

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My take on the new film Wrath of The Titans Directed by Jonathan Liebesman and staring

Liam Neeson as Zeus, Ralph Fiennes as Hades, Toby Kebbell as Agenor, Rosamund Pike  as Andromeda,  Edgar Ramirez as Ares, and Sam Worthington as Perseus . With   Bill Nighy as Haphaestus,  Danny Houston as Poseidon < and as Helius   Son of  Perseus  John Bell.

Ares and Hades fuel'ed by their hate for Zeus have made a deal with Kronos Father of Zeus who was banished from Olympus and overthrown  by Zeus, they capture Zeus and Kronos drains his life force so he may return to the mortal world and destroy it.  Zeus appears to his son Perseus  before he is captured and warns him that the gods are loosing their powers as mortals no longer worship them, thus diminishing the power of the Gods making them become mortal and therefore able to die . He warns Perseus that unless he helps him the end of the world will be close at hand, Perseus must decide to aid Zeus and help secure a future for his son Helius . His mind is made up for him when some of the Titans are unleashed on his home, Perseus battles the monsters and realises he has no choice but to face the Wrath of the Titans once again a decade after he defeated the Kracken Titan .

The story is one of  historical myth that has been handed down the ages, of the warring gods and their never ending battles with each other for supremacy, the dashing hero saves the day and the gods are put in their place and mortal man succeeds again.

Ray Harryhausen was probably  the  best known animator  of this  genre  that led to the Titans films becoming such a success , his animation sequences have thrilled audiences for decades as mythical monsters battle mythical heroes


Ray Harryhausen at Forbidden Planet, London.Born(1920-06-29) June 29, 1920 (age 91)
Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.OccupationStop motion model animatorInfluenced byWillis H. O'BrienInfluencedPhil TippettDennis MurenSpouseDiana Livingstone Bruce (1963-present)AwardsRondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards (2006) 

Jason and The Argonauts and the search for the golden fleece. The Forbidden Planet and the Battle against The Id of Dr Morbius.   Earth vs. the Flying Saucers(1956) (special photographic, animation effects)  20 Million Miles to Earth(1957) (visual effects) The 7th Voyage of Sinbad(1958) (associate producer, visual effects) The Three Worlds of Gulliver(1960) (visual effects)Mysterious Island(1961) (special visual effects) First Men in the Moon(1964) (associate producer, visual effects) Clash of the Titans(1981) (producer, visual effects) to name but a few.

In the special effects department this film is no less as impressive than Rays efforts all those years ago, and I think he would have been seriously impressed, Framestorewho have worked on films such as Harry Potter, to The Dark night, Golden compass to the  Quantam of Solace  are a leading light in the world of animation and special effects.

They have done themselves proud with this one, they have taken a film that otherwise would have crashed and burned and made it an enjoyable very watchable  movie . However saying that with actors like  Ralph Finnes, and  Liam Neeson, what film would not be at least memorable.

The film has its moments but it is one of those films you like because you have an interest in the Mythical and fantastic, or you hate because its historical significance bears no mind to how you  percieve the film.

Enjoyment value well yes I did enjoy the film as I said it has spectacular special effects  and some good not great acting, I found the storyline a little erratic at times jumping from one scene to another but apart from that a film that  I would happily watch a second time to look for the background  bits I missed in the first viewing.

Perseus Son of Zeus ( Sam Worthington of Avatar fame )

Zeus Ruler of Olympus (Liam Neeson)

Hades Brother of Zeus ( Ralph Fiennes)

Queen Andromeda (Rosamund Pike )

Agenor Son of Posiedon  (Toby Kebbell)

Heaphestus Son of Zeus and Hera God of fire  Craftsman of Olympus ( Bill Nighy )

Ares God of War Son of Zeus (Edgar Ramirez )

This film may just become one of those classics we all learn to love .


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